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September 10-December 10

MTC 211

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Course Schedule

September 10

Intro to HVAC

Understanding HVAC systems: airside, chilled water, direct expansion, refrigerants, refrigerant cycle, system variations, and system selection criteria.

September 27

Load Estimating

Human comfort evaluation, principles of heat transfer, calculation methods, heat gain analysis, ventilation, infiltration, and peak vs block load.

September 24

Psychrometry 1

Properties of air, comfort relationships, sensible heat ratios, and the use of a psychrometric chart.


October 1

Psychrometry 2

Practical application to various systems, variable temperature, reheat double-duct, multi-zone, and fan coil variable volume.

October 8

Air Conditioning Fans and Variable Air Volume Systems

Fundamentals of air movement, fan performance, fan types, capacity control, application considerations, acoustics, and certifications. Components of a VAV system, multiple zone, single zone, application considerations, control strategies, and optimization.

October 15

Water Chillers

Current technologies, various components differences, aspects of unit control, ratings, maintenance, and application considerations.

October 22

Chilled Water Systems

Single and multiple chiller design, components, strategies, variations, operation, and chiller plant control.

October 29

Thermal Storage

Design strategies, system applications, individual components, system layout, energy benefits and analysis.


November 12

Sustainability, Decarbonization, and Electrification of Heat

Reaching sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions through the electrification of heat.

November 19

VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow, components, system configurations, operation characteristics, application, installation, operation, and maintenance considerations.

November 26

HVAC Controls

Introduction to fundamentals of HVAC system controls and automation systems.

December 3

Building Automation

Building Automation System control and operation, advanced system control, graphical interface, and system demonstration.

FINAL EXAM: Exam will be administered online, taken anytime between December 4 and 8.

December 10

Course Critique Graduation

Participant recognition and presentation of awards will be held at the Trane commercial sales office at 11211 Lakeview Avenue, Lenexa, KS 66219.

The course schedule is subject to change. Topics will remain the same, but the date presented and details addressed may change slightly.

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