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"Ask HR…” Tips and Advice from an HR Professional

Managers everywhere struggle with issues we categorize as “HR.”
Just what do those two letters stand for anyway?

  • Hell raiser?
  • High risk?
  • Hairsplitting regulations?

When it comes to managing people and the workplace, it could be “all of the above.”

Human resources personnel often have no formal training. Many who do are often overwhelmed and under-resourced. Whether it’s an office of 5 employees or 105, the same issues can stall productivity, damage morale and dent the bottom line.

During this ED Talks we will have a discussion based on attendee questions and provide some practical HR guidance based on best practices and Simon's more than 40 years of business and HR experience.

Friday, May 29

Instructor: Simon Casas

Simon is the CEO and Founder of The HR Office, a firm specializing in leadership, business, HR and payroll guidance. He enjoys working with clients in a variety of industries and takes pride in the relationships he has built with his clients. 

Simon is a sought-after consultant, mediator, and speaker. He is a DDI Certified Facilitator, a continuing education Instructor with Johnson County Community College, an adult education instructor with MCC Business and Technology Center, and he is a former Chairman for the Raymore Parks and Recreation Department. There is also another side to Simon. He is a published author and an accomplished musician.

Welcome to Whoville - How Well Do You Know Your "Who" in Marketing and Sales Communications?

Tuesday, June 2

Instructor: Bethany Spilde

Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals know the importance of delivering a clear message to the right audience at the right time. Some have even dug into the "why" of their brand. Yet, with an increase in communication technology coupled with society's growing desire to engage and make a statement, the noise level continues to rise. How does one cut through the noise and reach their audience? 

The insights you glean from Bethany's talk, "Welcome to Whoville" will leave you thinking about 'marketing' (and leadership) in a new light.

Bethany is an entrepreneur and an adjunct professor (Marketing + Management) who is passionate about developing people and bringing innovation to businesses and education. With more than a decade of experience in consulting and training -- she has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals on marketing, social media and personal branding/leadership (locally and internationally). Known as a strategic visionary, she has an uncanny ability to 'imagineer' an idea to reality -- and turn the 'good' into 'superb.' 

While Bethany's education is in Marketing and Sociology, she also holds certifications in Personal Branding, as well as Social and Emotional Intelligence. 

Scribes in Ancient Egypt

Friday, June 5

Instructor: Stacy Davidson

By reading the texts the Egyptians left behind, an astonishing amount of information about ancient Egyptian culture survives over the millennia. But what about the scribes who wrote these texts? In this talk, we will learn about the people behind the papyrus, how they were trained, and what kinds of tools they used to write with. Professor Davidson will also show some replica scribal tools and modern-day substitutes for recreating your own Egyptian texts and artwork. 

Stacy is the resident Egyptologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at Johnson County Community College. In 2011, she founded the Egyptology concentration in the Continuing Education Department to further her goal of making Egyptology accessible to any who wish to learn. She has designed and taught over a dozen distinct courses relating to ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East at JCCC. She also leads summer youth camps on Ancient Civilizations and Languages for the summer youth program. As a member of the Humanities Kansas Speakers Bureau, she brings ancient Egypt to life in under-served communities throughout Kansas as a traveling lecturer. She has also co-led a JCCC student study trip to London, Oxford, and Berlin to examine Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts and collections. Professor Davidson is a member of the International Association of Egyptologists and is a co-founding member and the first President of the American Research Center in Egypt's Missouri Chapter (ARCE-MO). 

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