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Taught by railroad industry leaders Fred Dennin and Kenneth Rusk of Dennin, Rusk & Associates (DR&A), our programs will teach you how to comply with the new 49 CFR training and safety requirements and will give you fresh insight on industry compliance and standards.

Train at Dusk

We offer quality, customized training and consulting services on subjects that matter most to short line railroad and railroad industry firms, including:

Consulting Services

Development and Submission of Part 243 Compliant Programs

DR&A develops and submits to FRA, 49 CFR Part 243 for all railroad disciplines. This rule requires most employers to conduct periodic oversight of their employees and develop annual written reviews of their training programs to close performance gaps. DR&A already has an FRA approved Model Program for 49 CFR Part 213 Track Safety Standards, and programs for Part 214 and Signal and Train Control have been submitted for approval as Model Programs. You can adopt our Model Program or we can write a program based on your specific needs.

Hazardous Materials Shipping Guide Preparation

DR&A provides a simple way to help your company reduce fines from non-compliant shipments. These individual product Ship Guides provide your shippers with the information and guidance they need to feel confident their packages and documents are in full compliance. We help provide peace of mind when it comes to shipping your hazardous materials.

Private Industrial and Short Line Track Inspections

When a railroad performs switching inside your plant, your track must comply with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) minimum track safety standards (TSS). DRA performs FRA-compliant track inspections of your industrial track or short line railroad with former FRA or Class 1 railroad trained senior track managers. After inspection, we furnish a detailed report and can provide a suggested maintenance program. We can also perform follow-up track inspections that measure the quality of a contractor’s performance. Don’t let the fox watch the henhouse! From our baseline inspection, we can develop a capitol improvement program for you, which saves you money by identifying unnecessary track repairs dictated by your railroad contractors. We have a cadre of reputable railroad contractors across the country that we can recommend to perform your track maintenance when necessary.

Railroad Accident/Incident Investigations

DR&A employs a cadre of former FRA and Class 1 Railroad managers to conduct investigations to determine the cause of accidents. Our rail professionals have independently led major accident investigations and worked on NTSB teams to conduct high profile accident investigations. We can provide an independent analysis of accidents to minimize your liability and costs associated with railroad accidents.

Railroad Project Management Oversight

DR&A coordinates inspections with you and your railroad contractor to define non-complying items and to review contract documents and FRA TSS and recommended procedures to ensure compliance. We make recommendations to help you achieve compliance and successful project completion. 

Risk Management Audits

DR&A performs risk management audits in all disciplines of the rail industry to help prepare for FRA Audits. Our team, composed of former FRA managers, examines your operation to help you prepare to minimize negative exposure, make properties safer, resolve FRA matters and craft responses to FRA and state agencies. 


49 CFR Part 213 FRA Track Safety Standards Training*

Learn the proper interpretation and application of the FRA Track Safety Standards from former FRA Track Managers. You’ll understand the proper interface, approach and interaction with FRA and state certified track inspectors and receive guidance from FRA on proper remedial actions.

Bridge Worker Safety Training+

Designed for railroad employees and railroad contractors performing work on railroad bridges, this course familiarizes students with the FRA Bridge Worker Safety regulations, which work to prevent accidents and casualties during work on railroad bridges.

Class 1 Air Brake Training

Students learn how to conduct a proper Safety Briefing and gain understanding of several training requirements and operating rules. The course includes hands-on field exercises with freight car inspections, Class 1 Air Brake Tests on a train being prepared for departure and proper air brake leakage tests. The course includes an oral examination and evaluation of each student; students who fail the oral exam receive additional training. A written examination can be provided if requested.

Hazardous Materials Training

Complete Compliance Programs

Whether you ship by courier, truck, rail, air or vessel, DR&A provides a variety of tools that are customized to meet your special needs. We conduct facility or terminal audits to assess the current level of compliance and review exactly what your company needs to stay in compliance.

Our programs includes services such as:

  • Annual Hazmat Registration
  • Development and Annual Review/ Update Hazmat Security Plan
  • Annual Facility/Terminal Hazmat Compliance Audit
  • Annual, Biannual or Tri-annual Training
  • SDS Review
  • 24/7 Q&A Support Services Hotline
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Transportation Product Classification

Roadway Worker Protection Training+

DR&A instructors are trained and qualified in the application and requirements of the Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) Part 214 regulations. While they provide certified, generic RWP instruction, our program does not include any necessary site-specific training required by the railroads.

*Training approved by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and complies with 49 CFR Part 243
+Submitted to FRA for approval per 49 CFR Part 243

Fred Dennin

Fred Dennin is the President of both Dennin, Rusk & Associates, LLC and Fred Dennin & Associates, LLC. Leading this informative and critical Model Track training program, Fred brings decades of railroad industry experience in the following areas: FRA Track Safety Standards training, Track Inspector Mentoring, Trial Testimony and Depositions, Accident Investigation, Risk Management Audits, Confidential Internal Railroad Safety and Compliance Audits, Application of FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) regulations.

Fred is a current member of the AREMA, serving on Committee 24 with past memberships in NRCA, ASLRRA, AARS, CSA, Georgia and Indiana Operation Lifesaver, Porter County Indiana Civil Defense, and Southeast Rail Shippers Association.

Kenneth Rusk

Kenneth Rusk is the co-founder and VP of Dennin, Rusk & Associates, LLC and a principal in Kenneth Rusk & Associates, LLC, providing consulting in railroad track safety and training.

With more than 20 years' employment by the FRA, serving the last 10 as the Staff Director of the FRA’s Office of Railroad Safety Track Division, Kenneth was responsible for continuously monitoring and managing Track Safety Standards and Railroad Workplace Safety regulations. He was also responsible for the appropriate interpretation of the regulations and the consistent application of the regulations by the agency’s field inspectors and industry.

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